Visua’s npm package exposes a small CLI under the visua command for managing your projects, running and building plugins. To use the visua command everywhere you may want to install visua globally with the -g flag.

Global options

The following global options can be prepended to list and run commands:


-s or --strict

Stops visua execution if some error has occurred during parsing.


-p or --path [identityFilePath]

Tells visua to use identityFilePath as main identity file instead of the default ./identity.css. identityFilePath can also be the path of a directory containing a file exactly called identity.css.


The list or ls command loads identity files and displays the generated StyleMap in a table.

$ visua list
$ visua ls


The run command is used to run visua cli plugins.

$ visua run (<plugin-name> [--plugin-option>]...)...

More than one plugin can be specified in run:

$ visua run plugin-one --pluginOneOption plugin-two plugin-three --pluginThreeOption


Options that contain a value must be specified with =, without spaces and strings with whitespaces must be quoted:

$ visua run plugin-name --optionOne=value --optionTwo="value with spaces"

None of the following is valid:

$ visua run plugin-name --optionOne value --optionTwo = "value with spaces"


The plugin or pl command starts an interactive shell that will walk you through the creation of a new empty plugin from the starter template.

$ visua plugin
$ visua pl